our fault or the stars?

The book and movie of the same title came out mid-last year, it was a cultural phenomenon, with staggering revenues at the box-office and at the publishing world. It is mostly for teenagers but its universal theme of love, hope, faith amidst life’s ups and downs, made it an iconic example of young adult (YA) literary success. It’s a love story, a sappy one, but watching and/or reading it gives us an idea what or how it really is to be sick or live as a handicapped.


Another hype that the work brought to the masses were the quotes. The movie and the book were teeming with quotes, sentimental ones especially for those who need to appreciate what it means be alive FAST.

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Personally, the movie and the book were so good but depressing at the same time. It’s like a treat but the aftermath (calories,fats) can change one’s mind. For a a couple of hours and days, John Green’s novel, as it makes its way to the big screen, was enjoyable in the beginning, but it altered my mood when I finished it. Some scenes and lines were highlighted effectively: Amsterdam, the good times, Anne Frank, etc. The concept of two young people in love but buying time is as tragic as Romeo and Juliet, in my opinion. Of course W. Shakespeare just say it well (making all of us seem mortals compared to his immortality).

Doomed lovers always have an effect on our gentle minds, especially the females or those with high emotional strain. John Green (the author) and countless other writers and authors whose work influenced popular culture, has been a suceess in this field of choosing “catharsis” as a medium. The two lead protagonist live in middle-class America, particularly Indiana . They are typical teenagers doing typical things. The story may be so typical but it has the tendency to hit audiences right in the gut and heart.

The title was also derived from a Shakespearean play Julius Caesar. Fate, or the stars have THE say in what will happen to us but its what we do with it that gives power to us as human beings. We can be fragile but we can have choices.


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