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The immensely popular “Gone Girl” book adaptation directed by famously edgy David Fincher and the best-selling book with the same title and adapted to the big screen by the author, Gillian Flynn has been reviewed a number of times but mine will be different.

images (19)                                                           images (17)

From what one already gathered, both did not disappoint and both has been constantly one of the best of 2014. If one hasn’t seen or read “Gone Girl”, then one should, if one likes to think or have their minds messed up. And as always with book to movie adaptations, the magic word is “compress” because the plot lines and character development and such, should fit in at least couple of hours screen time. It helped…

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Lover of books esp the Victorian ones, also dabbles in writing and drawing. Biggest procrastinator of online nonsense. Owner of multiple blogs locked in cyberspace. Not a pet lover but notorious coffee and tea drinker. Has insatiable appetite for life in spite of its ups and downs.

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